CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 New: a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment (french version)]]>The Department of Psychiatry & Medical Psychology launches a new activity dedicated to diagnosis and evaluation.9/30/2016Patient safety in the CHU Brugmann : ideas and facts (french version)]]>"Security" has become a key word in all sectors of our society.9/14/2016A few months later, back to the polyclinic on the Queen Astrid site (french version)]]>Last April, the new polyclinic "Queen Astrid" opened its doors in the Military Hospital of Neder-Over-Heembeek.9/12/2016What's new in psychiatry on the Osiris campus ? (french version)]]>The recent renovation of the 71 unit and of the 73 unit is only the most visible part of the wave of innovation.9/8/2016Carine Maggetto, from data management tot hemovigilance (french version)]]>Hemovigilance : Carine Maggetto is, since March 2015, the new reference person within CHU Brugmann.9/7/2016From order to delivery (french version)]]>A behind-the-scenes guided tour of the Purchasing Department.9/2/2016Functional disorders of the digestive tract (french version)]]>A congress organized by the Digestive Surgery Department. Live surgery broadcast planned.7/28/20164th Stroke Symposium (french version)]]>Optimize prevention and management of stroke.7/28/2016World Hepatitis Day (french version)]]>You could have hepatitis C and not know it. Get tested !7/27/2016Renovation works : target = modernity (french version)]]>For several years the CHU Brugmann is overwhelmed by a wave of renovations.7/1/2016