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>>Who's who : Medico-pharmaceutical committee

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Status : Consultant doctor / Quality manager / Deputy general medical director / Medico-Pharmaceutical Committee president / Internship supervisor
Site : Horta
Other members
  • Vice-president : Dr Abdallah KANFAOUI (QFCUH chief doctor)
  • Secretary : Astrid STERCKX (hospital pharmacist)
  • Membres : Francis de DRÉE (CHUB director), Bruno DE MEUE (QFCUH director), Jean-Marie DE MEYER (CHUB chief doctor), Narcisse VAN CAUWENBERGH (hospital pharmacist), Dr David DE BELS and Dr Jacques DEVRIENDT (doctors appointed by the Medical Council), Dr Raphaël AMSTUTZ, Dr Florence BENOIT, Dr Andrew CARLIN, Dr Seyed Java HOSSEINI BIDGOLI, Dr Evelyne MAILLART, Phn Yvette MIENDJE, Dr Constantinos PAPAGEORGIOU and Dr Georgios PERSEFONIS (CHUB doctors), Dr Christine FONTEYNE (QFCUH doctors), Karin KEPPENS represented by Katia PAEMELAERE (CHUB nursing direction), Jan FOUBERT (QFCUH nursing direction)
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