CHU Brugmann UVC Organization and statutes

>>Financial and IT directorate : flowchart

Administrative or technical staff
Patrick DOMINEPatrick DOMINE
Status : Chief financial officer
Site : Horta/Brien/Astrid
Christian DELOChristian DELO
Status : Head of accounting
Site : Horta/Brien/Astrid
Status : Person in charge of management control
Site : Horta
Activity domain(s) : Management control, budget, MCD
Status : IT director
Site : Horta/Brien/Astrid
Laurence VALIERELaurence VALIERE
Status : Person in charge of invoicing
Site : Horta/Brien/Astrid
Activity domain(s) : Invoicing, price setting, litigation
Ana Paula VIEIRAAna Paula VIEIRA
Status : Treasurer
Site : Horta

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