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Fibroid (or uterine fibroma or leiomyomas) is the most common benign tumor present in the uterus and is responsible for a significant request for consultation. The evolution of screening techniques used in gynecological consultation allows physicians to discover smaller fibroids at an earlier age. Very often no symptoms or complications are experienced by the patient and simple monitoring of the fibroma, without any treatment, is sufficient. For other patients, especially young women without children, fibroids may cause complications or interfere with the onset and course of pregnancy. In theses cases, specific screenings and treatments are necessary.

The number of patients who consult for fibroid problems is steadily increasing. New screening tests and new treatments, now currently available, have become more complex and require close collaboration between medical teams to coordinate the activities of different physicians and nurses: gynecological surgery, interventional radiology, anesthesia ...

In this way, in order to maximize the overall effectiveness of the management of patients, a multidisciplinary fibroid center was created.

Medical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of fibroids

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Fibroid center

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