>>Surgical unit

The operating theater is located next to the unit embolization. When embolization is completed, the patient is immediately transferred to the operating theater to start surgery (resection of the fibroid).

This surgery takes place mostly through laparoscopy, that means the surgeon operates inside the abdomen with special instruments that are entered into abdominal wall via three small incisions of less than a centimeter diameter each. When the fibroid is separated from the uterus, it is cut with a special circular knife in small-diameter lumps that can be removed one by one from the abdomen by the small incisions.

This type of intervention and these techniques require a specially equipped operating room that can accommodate all the necessary equipment to perform the procedure laparoscopically. The surgeon has, in front of him, several video screens so that the image that is returned from the inside of the abdomen corresponds exactly to reality. With the performance of new cameras and optics, in many cases, the image rendered by the video screens is better and more accurate than the human eye can see when the surgeon operates by traditional open surgery.

A specially equipped operating room

>>Fibroid center.