The CHU Brugmann provides the complete range of adult healthcare. As a university hospital, it is an important centre for medical research and a training centre for healthcare professionals, a guarantee to find the most innovative and the latest treatments. The CHU Brugmann is a multicultural hospital where nearly 70 languages are spoken amongst staff. If necessary, an intercultural mediation service is at your disposal in order to make the understanding of appointments easier.

>>International patients

You are an international patient and you would like to receive medical treatment or to be hospitalized at the Brugmann University Hospital (CHU Brugmann) ? The International Patients Services is here to help you !


Our role is to accompany you and inform you throughout treatment or hospitalization :

  • as your contact point for any question ;
  • to give a cost estimate for your treatment/hospitalization ;
  • to coordinate visits regarding medical treatment/hospitalization (pre-surgery consultation, medical checks, post-surgery follow-up) ;
  • to make the appointments and contacts with the health care staff easier ;
  • to assist you with the organization of the treatment and the hospital stay ;
  • to welcome and assist you during your stay.


To contact the International Patients Unit, send us an E-mail :|AT|

Administrative steps

The International Patients Services assist international patients, without Belgian or European health insurance and living abroad, in their process to being on medical treatment or being hospitalized at the CHU Brugmann.

A. I do not have an European Health Insurance Card

Intenational patients

If you are not covered by Belgian or European social security, (Belgian mutuality, CEAM, S2 form), the International Patients Department is your contact point.

Here are the steps to follow in order to plan your treatment or hospitalization :

  1. Making your treatment or hospitalization request official :
    1. Make a request to open a file by email, enclosing a copy of an identity document with your last name, name and date of birth.
    2. Provide a recent and complete medical record.
  2. After analysis of your file by the medical teams based on the given information :
    1. a therapy plan proposition will be sent to you ;
    2. a quote estimating the care costs will be given to you ;
    3. a list of the different medical advisors who will have to treat you will be sent to you.
  3. Confirmation of the treatment or the hospitalization :
    • either by paying the amount showed in the quote at the given account number ;
    • or by sending us the document of your health care company.
  4. Making appointments :
    • According to your availability, we coordinate the necessary appointments for your treatment or your hospitalization.
  5. Admission :
    • On the day agreed, please go to the admissions desk with a valid ID and a copy of your medical record.

If you live outside the European Union and a visa is required to enter Belgium, you can contact the International Patients Services department. We will help you as much as possible by giving you a document telling the date of your hospitalization as well as a proof of receipt of your payment. You could then send the documents to the Belgian embassy of your country to obtain the visa. However, it is your responsibility to make all the necessary steps to get a visa in time. The CHU Brugmann guarantees that the shared medical data will remain confidential.

B. I do have of an European Health Insurance Card (CEAM)

If you have an European Health Insurance Card, you can directly make an appointment with a specialist. In case of hospitalization (classical or one day), do not forget to ask for the agreement of your health insurance company as well as the delivery of the S2 document (former E112).

C. I am currently living in Belgium

If you are currently living in Belgium, you can directly make an appointment with a specialist.

Location of the hospital

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The CHU Brugmann is located in Brussels and situated on 3 campuses. Depending on the treatment or medical specialty, you will be redirected to one of these campuses :

Welcome to international patients !