CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 Vaccination, a right and responsibility for all (french version)]]>Vaccination is vital to prevent disease.19/09/2018Call for expression of interest (french version)]]>14/09/2018A new president for the CHU Brugmann : who is Delphine Houba ? (french version)]]>The board of directors of CHU Brugmann has chosen a new president, a well-known figure in the iris network.07/09/2018Department of Critical Care Medicine's 13th training day (french version)]]>Emergencies, intensive care and reanimation.07/09/2018International Patients Services : a unit dedicated to international patients (french version)]]>To accompany and inform the international patients throughout their treatment or hospitalization03/09/2018The "room of errors" at the CHU Brugmann (french version)]]>An educational simulation tool to improve the quality and safety of care.27/08/2018Prevent pre-eclampsia with aspirin (french version)]]>The team of Prof. Jacques Jani participated in the ASPRE study on prevention of pre-eclampsia.20/08/2018A new therapeutic approach of sleep apnea (french version)]]>The noninvasive, easily self-administered device is mounted on a simple inferior dental guard.14/08/2018LHUB-ULB of the Horta site (french version)]]>An accredited laboratory for quality care.06/08/2018"Transition" in the spotlight (french version)]]>With advances in medicine, more and more pediatric patients with severe chronic disease are reaching adulthood.20/07/2018