CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 CHU Brugmann's Perineum Clinic: 1 year of opening (french version)]]>Quality care for women and men suffering from pelvic-perineal disorders.30/11/2018Coralie Chan: from nurse to nursing management (french version)]]>Coralie Chan is the new care manager in charge of rehabilitation units and of the Queen Astrid site.23/11/2018A unique collection center on the Horta site (french version)]]>All the sampling activities of the CHU Brugmann are now gathered within the polyclinic Madeleine Lejour.19/11/2018World Diabetes Day 2018 (french version)]]>Diabetes… And you ? Take the test for free this 14 november !06/11/2018World Stroke Day (french version)]]>Information stand at the Polyclinic Madeleine Lejour. Stroke : prevent, inform, treat early.26/10/2018Electronic Patient Record : the future is on track (french version)]]>Focus on the features of this tool, its benefits and the issues it raises.25/10/2018CHU Brugmann is committing itself to prevent the flu (french version)]]>Taking care of the patients is only possible if we take care of ourselves.15/10/2018Conference "Health & Precariousness" (french version)]]>As part of the events organized on the occasion of the 400 years of Mont-de-Piété.15/10/2018When the CHUB performs surgery at the QFCUH : a robot for two (french version)]]>Story of a new innovative collaboration.26/09/2018Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) screening day (french version)]]>On the occasion of the World Sight Day 2018.25/09/2018