CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 Covid-19: PCR test at CHU Brugmann in case of departure for a trip abroad (french version)]]>In this summer period, more and more countries require a PCR smear before leaving on a trip…15/07/2020Covid-19 : the Brien site, a «hybrid» site (french version)]]>At the height of the crisis, the Brien site (Schaerbeek) was transformed into a "Covid-free" site.27/06/2020Covid-19 : hospitalised patients ? Hospital visits allowed again ! (french version)]]>Hospitalised patients will be allowed to begin receiving visitors again from 2 June.29/05/2020Covid-19 : resumption of consultations in complete safety at CHU Brugmann (french version)]]>From 11 May, CHU Brugmann is ready to welcome you for the gradual resumption of ambulatory activities…07/05/2020Covid-19 : you may be able to help infected people ! (french version)]]>A study will begin on the administration of plasma of convalescent patients as a treatment for Covid-19.07/05/2020Covid-19 : wearing a face mask is mandatory inside the hospital (french version)]]>Any patient who comes to the hospital is required to wear a mask and to adopt good personal hygiene practices.03/05/2020Covid-19 : opening of a recovery unit equipped for revalidation (french version)]]>A unit dedicated for neurological patients without Covid symptoms and for convalescent Covid patients.30/04/2020Collaboration between Royal Belgian FA and sleep experts O. Mairesse & J. Newell (french version)]]>As elite sports sleep coaches, their mission is to monitor and adjust sleep quality at an individual level.27/04/2020Covid-19 : solidarity between hospitals as a weapon against the virus (french version)]]>QFCUH's ICU received the first adult patient from the CHU Brugmann.06/04/2020Insomnia and Covid-19 (french version)]]>The team of the Sleep Laboratory is launching a short survey on insomnia during the lockdown period…01/04/2020