CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 Coronavirus Covid-19 : 3D-printed protective face shields at CHU Brugmann ! (french version)]]>Production started under the coordination of Dr Ali Razian, orthopedic surgeon.30/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : thanks and call for volunteers (french version)]]>A press release from the Iris hospital network, which brings together the five Brussels public hospitals.26/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : support lines for families of hospitalized patients (french version)]]>Do you have a loved one hospitalized with Covid-19 at CHU Brugmann ? You can phone us…25/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : all confined, all connected ! (french version)]]>CHU Brugmann equips its hospitalized patients with digital tablets to facilitate contact with their loved ones…23/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : the hospital emergency plan is activated (french version)]]>Do you have questions about the measures taken by the CHU Brugmann ?14/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : restricted access on the Horta, Brien and Astrid sites (french version)]]>From Monday 16 March 2020 and until the lifting of the measures.13/03/2020Coronavirus Covid-19 : suspension of hospital visits (french version)]]>Let's act together to protect the patients and our teams.12/03/2020World Cancer Day : post-cancer management (french version)]]>After cancer, the fight continues…04/02/2020CHU Brugmann's 39th Orthopedic Day (french version)]]>Organized by the Department of Prof. Tamas Illés.15/01/2020Connected parameters : new technologies in nursing practice (french version)]]>A pilot project led by the Nursing Department.11/12/2019