CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 World Cancer Day : post-cancer management (french version)]]>After cancer, the fight continues…04/02/2020CHU Brugmann's 39th Orthopedic Day (french version)]]>Organized by the Department of Prof. Tamas Illés.15/01/2020Connected parameters : new technologies in nursing practice (french version)]]>A pilot project led by the Nursing Department.11/12/2019CHU Brugmann is committing itself to prevent the flu (french version)]]>Taking care of the patients is only possible if we take care of ourselves.05/12/2019World Diabetes Day 2019 (french version)]]>Diabetes… And you ? Take the test for free this 14 november !07/11/2019World Stroke Day (french version)]]>Information stand at the Polyclinic Madeleine Lejour. Stroke : prevent, inform, treat early.29/10/2019Brugmann Foundation : years of support for scientific research (french version)]]>As a university hospital, CHU Brugmann conducts intensive scientific research…14/10/2019Good sight is important ! (french version)]]>Free age-related macular degeneration (AMD) screening on the occasion of the World Sight Day.11/10/2019Proximity and diversity: union is always a strength! (french version)]]>CHU Brugmann and the QFCUH share more than just a campus.28/09/2019The mission of the Medical Director (french version)]]>The word to Prof. Pierre Wauthy, Medical Director of the CHU Brugmann.24/09/2019