>>A new urology-team in Brugmann University Hospital (Horta site)

The department of Urology of Brugmann University Hospital has a new urology-team on the Horta site since the end of last year (2020). The team consists of five urologists and one trainee (ULB/VUB). All of them has a specific expertise in a super specialization of urology and this allows to treat all urologic disorders in optimal conditions (kidney – bladder – prostate – male genitals).

The urologists collaborate on daily base with several other specialists (among whom radiologists, oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons and nephrologists of Brugmann University Hospital, but also with nuclear specialists and radiotherapists of the VUB), which guarantees a global and multidisciplinary approach of each patient. Several treatment teams were founded in uro-oncology, stone disorders, pelvic floor disorders and andrology.

The urologists have organized their outdoor activities in the brand new building Madeleine Lejour on the Horta site of Brugmann UH (inaugurated in September 2017).
There they have an ESWL stone pulverizer (Piezolith 3000 - Wolf©) to treat kidney stones.

Urological patients can be admitted to the Horta site (the new hospitalization buildings were put into use in June 2009).

Since june 2017 there is a collaboration between the University Children's Hospital Queen Fabiola and Brugmann University Hospital so that urologists have the option to perform minimally invasive (oncological) surgery both by laparoscopy (in Brugmann) or robot-assisted (in HUDERF). Clinical pathways have been developed to assure best quality of care and safety.

The Brugmann University Hospital has a bed capacity of 854 approved hospital beds, (631 beds on location Victor Horta in Laken, 126 beds in Paul Brien in Schaarbeek and 96 beds in the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek). Emergencies are recorded 24 hours a day on both sites Horta and Brien and the Brugmann UH has a Paramedical Intervention Team (PIT) unit, stationed at the Paul Brien site in Schaerbeek.

Urology-team (site Horta)
Dr Laurent Fossion (head of department), Dr Sofie Willems (head of clinic), Dr Gina Reichman (dep. head of clinic), Dr Johanna Noels (dep. head of clinic) & Dr Victor Calderon Plazarte (resident)