>>Who's who : Infection control committee

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Status : Chief medical officer / Chief doctor / Direction Committe member / Infection control committee president / Medico-pharmaceutical committee member
Site : Horta/Brien/Astrid
Other members
  • Members : Caroline FRANCKX (hospital director), Marie DE VOS (nursing director), Dr Nathalie CIVET (hygienist doctor), Dr Bhavna MAHADEB (microbiologist), Nicolas PIJPEN and Narcisse VAN CAUWENBERGH (hospital pharmacists), Dr Frédéric COLLART, Dr Yves DERNIER and Dr Evelyne MAILLART (doctors), Albertine METANGO and Yves VELGHE (hygienist nurses), Kadir KOSE, Hilde VAN BRUANE and Karin VAN LANCKER (nurses)
  • Permanent guest : Dr Bachra NACEUR (hospital medical officer)
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